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Return Policy

Return Policy

Place an order with knowledge if you’re not satisfied, you can send it right back. At Royal Blue we give you the option of returning any product that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Returns on items that arrived damaged are accepted up to 90 days of purchase for a full refund cc/cash, on condition that the items are not used. The seller reserves the right to decide whether an item is damaged or not.

Returns on non damaged items are accepted on closed packages, up to 30 days from the purchase date on all non-seasonable items, and 14 days for seasonable items. After the times mentioned above, all non-seasonable items will be accepted for an exchange or a full credit in the store for up to 90 days. For all seasonable items after the time mentioned above, and all other inquiries you can contact us for assistance.

The money will be returned in the same form paid, credit card & PayPal purchases may be subjected up to a 5 percent, for more info you can contact us. The money will be back on your card within 7 business days.

For more information and assistance you can email us at support@royalblue2u.com or call us at (02) 595-5976

In event any thing that is stated here is contradiction with the law of consumer protection stated https://www.nevo.co.il/law_html/Law01/089_001.htm and http://www.consumers.org.il/files/files/bitul-iska/takanut-bitul-iska-2012.pdf, and all other consumer protection measures stated in the law, we will go in accordance with the law.