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Who we are

Our website address is: https://royalblue2u.com.

regulations outline the terms of use and purchase on site www.royalblue2u.com and defines the relationship between you, as a user on the Site and / or management and / or the company that operates it and / or its owners.

A. Terms of use of

these regulations shall be the terms set forth below, the commentary appears alongside them:
a. “User” – any person and / or any other legal entity who entered the site for any purpose, whether carried out a registration site or not and whether a purchase on the site or not.
B. “Site” – www.royalblue2u.com domain and anyone on its behalf, including retinue and / or operators and / or directors and / or employees and / or its owners.
third. Business days – weekdays only (Sunday through Thursday), not including Friday, Saturday, holiday eves, holidays and intermediate.
This site is powered by up to a Limited HPT 203 207 493.
Regulations is the legal basis for reservations and surfing and is the only framework that regulates the relationship between the site and the user.
The user hereby declare that they have read these regulations, that he agrees to accept all terms used herein, and that is bound by these and any alteration, improvement or addition to these regulations and that there will be no him and / or its representative claim and / or demand and / or claim against the Site and / or anyone acting on his behalf with regard to the provisions and conditions of use and / or arising from them directly and / or indirectly.
User represents and warrants that it at least 18 years old and / or he visits the site supervision and / or with the consent of a parent and / or legal guardian.
Website reserves the right to change the Terms of Use from time to time at its sole discretion and without requiring notice and / or notice. The new regulations / Amended be published and will be valid immediately upon publication.
The site may, in accordance with its sole discretion and for any reason, not to allow the user to use the site and may not approve any purchase for any reason, and in accordance with its sole discretion and the user does not and will not be claims and / or claims for any consequent way direct and / or indirect.
The site is entitled to cancel and / or limit any right to use the account, username, or password at any time without any need to explain and / or prior notice, in accordance with its sole discretion and sole.
Terms and conditions apply to the use of the website and the services contained therein whether use done by computer and / or any other communication device (cell phone, PDA, etc.), and whether the use of the site is done via the Internet and / or through any other medium.

B. General

site serves as an online store for different products, which are manufactured and supplied by different suppliers in different countries.
Use of the Site is for personal use only. Any use of the content or materials on this site are the goal, which is not described and specifically approved these regulations, is strictly prohibited.
Each user agrees and hereby irrevocably not copy, reproduce, distribute, display, information, text, images, videos, notes, files or databases of any kind whatsoever that are on the site and it either for sale and / or distribution of their in any way and / or means, or if for any other purpose, including for the purpose of starting a competing business and / or for any commercial exploitation. Retrieving information in the site’s content directly and not directly for the purpose of creating a collection, database or directory without any prior written permission from the site is strictly prohibited.
Do not be accessed in an unauthorized manner for the site.
The site’s computer records and / or of its representative on the activities undertaken on the site and will serve as conclusive evidence of the correct final steps.
Pictures of products featured on the site are for illustrative purposes only and are not binding site (there may be differences between the images presented on the site, in part or in whole, and the items actually sold). The site is making every effort to ensure that the information presented therein is complete and accurate information is the best but it may be noted inaccuracies and / or errors and the site is not liable for any kind arising from them or related to them directly and / or indirectly.
Rules are drafted in the masculine, for convenience only, but it applies equally to both sexes. Where the conditions formulated in the plural, the intention is also plural and singular, and vice versa.
Chapter titles are selected for good measure and convenience only and will have no meaning in the interpretation of these regulations and conditions.

third. Orders and payments

The site may update the prices of products listed in it without prior notice. The valid price a completed order is the price published upon completion of the booking process (including the handing over credit card details). If the revised price before booking process will be completed according to user updated prices.
The site may offer promotions, bonuses and discounts of any kind it is, and he may at any time and in accordance with its sole discretion terminate promotions, discounts and benefits are, replaced or modified, without having to give that notice.
Items will be shipped within 3-7 business days, commencing 3 business days after the date on which the obligation to purchase by credit card companies and / or any other means of payment (3 days are days of the order to send it to the customer).
Regarding the date of product delivery, see Setting Day receipt of the product Chapter D below.
Shipping policy is an integral part of these regulations.

The user declares and acknowledges that he is aware that might be a difference between the sizes Clothing / Footwear accepted in Israel and the dimensions of apparel products / footwear sold on the site and therefore the sole responsibility to check and make sure that the dimensions of the products to be invited by him conform to the requirements as defined by the measurements listed on the site and / or the specific product ordered by him.
It should be clarified that the product may be some featured, but for some reason you can not provide it and / or selling it – in such a state cancelled the transaction and the user acquired shall have no claim and / or claim and / or demand in connection therewith, provided that the amount paid by him, if paid, returned to him in full.
The site does not make use of user information, except in accordance with the privacy policy of the site, which is an integral part of these regulations.
In order to ensure the booking quickly and efficiently, ensure the delivery of all the necessary information to pinpoint. As would be submitted incorrect information, it may have ordered products do not arrive at their destination and / or will not arrive on the date promised. As the products do not reach their destination because of incorrect information, the user will be charged for shipping and handling.
Once you have entered your payment details payment page, confirmation will be sent via e-mail on receipt of your order. It should be clarified that this confirmation is not binding site to provide the products, and is only indicative of the details of the order were hired him.
If it turns out the user’s credit card is not valid, or the credit card company does not respect the transaction or that any e-wallet service available in other respects not the obligation, the site will contact the user to complete the transaction on or off.
Receiving a gift as part of Operation limited to one item the user.
The products ordered on the site will be provided only after completion of the acquisition process and the credit card company that issued it approved the transaction made.

D. Cancellation and Return Policy

The user may cancel the transaction executed in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law – 1981, which engage in such a transaction, which gist is cancelling the deal in writing within fourteen days of receipt of the product (see definition in section 5 of this matter below) or from the date of receipt of a document containing the details of the transaction, whichever is later.
Cancelling a transaction that will be due to a defect in the product and / or due to a mismatch between the product supplied and the product description document provided to the user and contains the details of the transaction and / or delay in supplying the product, will receive the refund of the full payment made by him, provided that the cancellation will be made according to the conditions paragraphs 1, 4 and 5 – in this chapter.
Cancellation will be according to the conditions stated in paragraphs 1, 4 and 5 – to dismantle it, but not because of the conditions specified in paragraph 2 above, the user will receive a full refund of the amount paid by him, less cancellation fee of 5% of the purchase price or NIS 100, whichever is lower.
it should be clarified that the cancellation of a transaction will be made only in writing by sending an e-mail customer service at the site, specifying full details of the order and the reasons for the cancellation of the transaction.
Terms of refund, as provided in sections 2 and / or 3 above, is that the user sends the product from its packaging original and expense within 14 days from the date when received him, and without being used and / or intact and label it as Accepted. It is clarified that the site has the sole discretion regarding the determination of the condition of the returned product.
“Day product acceptance” or “the date on which the product was received by the user” – means the date on which the first-time user confirmation mail and / or any other factor that the package reached its destination and available for pickup or the date on which he first became attempt to provide the user with the product or the date on which the said product user, whichever comes first.
As the product is returned that according to the provisions of this chapter, the user will not receive a refund and / or other credits for cancellation of the transaction as stated in this section.
It should be clarified that the monetary credit shall not be granted in respect of products for which no monetary compensation was paid, such as promotions or gifts.

The. responsibility website

site is not and will not be responsible nor shall damages of any kind whatsoever including any direct and / or indirect and / or consequential damages caused to the user and / or any person acting on behalf and / or any third party whatsoever, resulting from the use and / or purchase on site not according to regulations – will be the cause of action may be.
Site and / or anyone on its behalf shall not bear any kind whatsoever for any activity of any other factor that is not under its full control.
Clerical error in describing the product, it shall not bind the site.
Product images on the site are for illustration only and may differ from photos shown on the site, in part or in whole, and the products are actually sold.
In any case the site will not bear any responsibility exceeding the value of the purchased product as well as any damage that is not directly and / or consequential damages.
Although the site is taking the necessary actions to prevent malfunctions and / or disruptions, it may apply its disruptions and / or discrepancies and / or errors. However, the Site and / or anyone acting on its behalf is not responsible for any kind whatsoever for damages arising from and / or relating in any manner to the use and / or performance of the site.
The site is not responsible for any kind which is the case when buying a product not approved (for whatever reason) and / or his suggestion of using not accepted (for whatever reason) and / or any technical problem that prevents a user from submitting an offer and / or take any other action site .
The site is not responsible for user’s use of the product purchased by him not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and / or website, including laundry violation of implementation and / or any other use contrary to the manufacturer’s instructions.
The site will not be responsible, nor shall any damage caused to the user for delays in supplying products that may be caused by force majeure including strikes and / or war and / or natural disasters.
The site will do its best to deliver quality products on time. If the customer believes that the products purchased through the website and / or services rendered to him suffer any defect, he should contact customer service by email support@royalblue2u.com and / or phone (02) 595-5976, and the site will handle the appeal as soon as possible.

and. Copyright

All intellectual property rights, including copyrights, designs, trade secrets and methods listed and / or existing site are the property of the site and / or suppliers / manufacturers, whose products are sold on site. These rights apply, inter alia, data on the site, including product list, description and design of products and anything else that appears on the site.
You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market and translate any information from the site, including trade marks, images and texts, product design, product images, etc., without the consent of the site in advance and in writing.
There is no commercial use of the data published in the database, the list the products listed on the site or other details provided by him, without receiving the prior written site.
Do not copy and / or use any data published and / or appearing on the site for presentation site or any other service, without receiving the prior written site.
Name, home socks, as well as the domain name (domain name) of the site, trademarks (whether registered or not) are property of the site only. May not be used without the consent of the site prior written consent.
As there are trademark (including pictures, drawings, etc.) submitted for publication by suppliers / manufacturers offering products for sale on the site, then Trademarks are the property of those suppliers / manufacturers and should not be used without their consent.
All verbal content and / or icons and / or information and / or display appearing on the site, including graphic design, verbal presentation, trademarks, logos, including editing and displaying them on the Website are exclusively owned by the site.
Use the services of the site only for lawful purposes.

G. Confidentiality and Privacy

Each user’s personal details (name, e-mail, etc.), will be stored in the site’s information and / or his representative.
The site will not transfer the user’s personal data to a third party, other than to suppliers / manufacturers and only to complete the transaction – except for the credit. It should be clarified that the site may and will use the user’s personal data without specific user identification (without name and / or surname), for the analysis and presentation of statistical information and / or delivery of other factors.
The site will not use the form of payment information of the user, but to make a payment in respect of the specific transaction that asked the user to perform. It should be clarified that payment method information of the user are saved register or login.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, it is clarified that the site will be allowed to transfer their personal information of use to third parties if the user performed the act and / or omission harmful and / or potentially harm the site and / or any third parties, and / or if the user has used site services to perform an illegal act and / or absence of a court order and / or instruction governmental authority instructing it to transfer user information and / or any dispute or legal proceedings.
Since the online site works, then it can not guarantee absolute immunity to computer intrusions and / or exposure of data stored by the perpetrators of his illegal actions. If the cost by a third party to enter information, which is kept at the site and / or any person acting on behalf and to misuse, user shall have no claim or demand against the site and / or anyone acting on his behalf.
The user declares and acknowledges that he knows in future to send him advertising and / or marketing in connection with the Site and / or products sold him, which will be sent via e-mail and / or any other means to be delivered by the user when making a reservation and / or when registering site. a user who is not interested in receiving promotional information stated invited to request removal from the mailing list of the site and the site will cease to send advertising information within 7 business days after receiving the notice.
the user declares and acknowledges that it is the state agreed to confidentiality and privacy and all repair, update or addition, as they do a. locate right to do, according to its sole discretion, confidentiality and policy changes Privacy from time to time, without requiring notice and / or notice. The new policy / revised shall be published on the site and will be effective immediately upon publication