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About us

Hi! I’m Rivka from Royal Blue. Here to answer all your questions before you ask them. Because that’s what Royal Blue was made for. We created the “Royal” concept to better serve people like you who deserve the very best service and the very best prices. Of course, our main focus is bringing you the products that you need, searching the globe for the brands you want and landing it on your doorstep.

How do I order?

3 easy choices for simple ordering:

 (02) 595-5976
 Email order@royalblue2u.com
Shop online over here.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is totally FREE, delivered straight to your door. How’s that for hassle free shopping?

So what do you sell?

We sell all your hosiery and sock needs for everyone in your family. Yes, we mean that. Get mother a new pair of tights, father a few dozen socks and all the kids feet totally outfitted.

Our product line is expanding by the day. Do you want to see a specific product on the shelves? Just ask. We love to hear your input. And you may just see your product appearing shortly, you can contact us at info@royalblue2u.com

It’s not just about socks, it’s the Royal Blue experience. Try it. You’ll love it.